Sell your foosball table for the most cash at We Buy Pinball. Working or Not.

Art Deco style foosball tables wanted.

Art Deco style foosball tables wanted.

Our home arcade game collectors are looking for your unwanted foosball table that has been neglected and sitting there collecting dust! Sell it for cash!

Condition of your game is key! A game that is missing pieces, broken/damaged is much less desirable! Refurbishing these games are often quite time intensive and sometimes just not worth doing it depending on the game. The more ornate the game, the odds are it maybe worth it.

Foosball Table's wanted.

Foosball Table’s wanted.

Submit your game to the right to find out just how much a local collector will pay for your game. We pay cash and do all of the moving for you.

Free up some room in your home, plus cash in your hand.