Sell your coin operated crane game for the most cash at We Buy Pinball. Working or Not.

Two Crane Redemption games

Two coin-operated Crane Redemption games (plush toys)

Redemption and plush coin-operated Crane games wanted! We pay top dollar for your used and unwanted game. We can do that because we are a large group of collectors, not resellers. 

Resellers have to make a profit, we just want to break even. Submit your crane game for sale to the right in any condition and find out what a local collector will pay for your game.

Obviously condition is a major factor in price. Some of these games take a huge beating when they are on location. As a result, collectors simply can’t pay original value for them. However your redemption game is still worth money no matter what condition it maybe in.

Redemption crane games wanted!

Redemption crane games wanted!

Unfortunately most of our registered collectors are not looking for these types of games. In fact most people aren’t really into playing these game. They never do well as home entertainment. I really takes that special buyer/collector to really be interested. However we have several in our group that are quite interested.