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Pachinko games

Two pachinko (small ball) arcade game.

Our arcade game collectors are looking to buy your unwanted Pachinko games. They need to be in good condition because the value of these games isn’t all that high to start with. These are Japan’s version of a pinball machine.

The more modern on pachinko games have an LCD  or LED display integrated into the game. Some of the newest one’s have 3D video playing on them as well.

Coin operated pachinko game.

Coin operated pachinko game.

You play these games by turning the knob on the bottom right. As you turn the tension knob it starts to fling out the tiny balls harder and they bounce there way down and into different places on the playfield. Its really a game of chance, not skill. This is one reason why most of our collectors enjoy the american version of pinball over this.

The old one’s, especially when they are dead, we normally just pass on them. But some maybe collectable. Submit your game free to the right on this page to find out how much cash our collectors are willing to pay for your game.