Subscription based coin-op game lead broker: Join for $20/year

Members pay to join.

We Buy Pinball has been a money loosing endeavor for a LONG TIME! We started way back in August 24 2004.  See our website on the wayback machine. For cost reasons we are being forced into changing over to a “membership” style service for the arcade collecting community. We expect to stay in the red, but that is OK. We would like to get a little something for our hard work.

I’m selling a game, will it cost me money?

Our service will remain 100% free for people who are selling/posting games through

Are you a Game Broker?

Yes, We’ve turned into the first official “Arcade, pinball and game lead broker” website. I’m not proud of it. But in order to keep serving the people who are submitting games for sale and passing them onto my members, something had to change. I’ve been doing it for years without pay. I’ve achieved some great success stories over the years. Now I have to charge.

What does $20 per year get me?

$20.00 for a full year grants you access to every lead that comes in to (,, and You will have access to the game owner’s contact information and often photos of the game before you make the call or email the owner.

How many leads a day does get?

This is the conversion rate for online forms on (google analytics). This does NOT include calls conversions.

This is the conversion rate for online forms on (google analytics). This does NOT include calls conversions.

Google analytics tells the story best. Ever time someone submits a game or games for sale on the site it registers as a “conversion”. Some people have submitted between 2 to 46 games in 1 “conversion”. Over the months the website has gotten 100 visits PER day!

What quality of games are being submitted to the website?

There has been a wide range of games submitted to the website. From absolute junk, to Home Use ONLY (HUO) high end collectors trying to sell there goods off to someone who will actually take care of it!

Are they vids or pins coming in?

That depends on the day actually. One day I’ve gotten 5 pinball machines for sale, others none! Between puck bowlers, neon signs, pool tables, jukeboxes and more. You will be shocked at all funnels into this site.