What is the safest and best way to sell a pinball machine, video arcade or Coin-operated games

Right side (cabinet view) of a No Fear Pinball Machine that sold on WeBuyPInball.com to one of our members.

Right side (cabinet view) of a No Fear Pinball Machine that sold on WeBuyPInball.com to one of our members.

With the internet there are now hundreds of way to sell a used pinball machine or coin-op game. Some are good and some really aren’t the best choice. With social media like Facebook or twitter you may stumble upon a lead or two. But your friends really aren’t your target audience to sell your game to. So what websites provide that target audience? That limits you down to three that I can think of (eBay, Craigslist and WeBuyPinball).

With eBay you’ll have to sign up for an account (its not that difficult). You may be forced to ship your 300 plus pound game out of state! Who really wants to do that? Another good thing about ebay is, they have thousands of people viewing their auction site daily! However there are costs associated with selling stuff on eBay. Seeing that eBay owns PayPal, its fully integrated for you to accept “money”. However, PayPal isn’t as safe as some may make you believe! With PayPal you have to “buy a Money Back Guarantee to protect your purchase of physical goods on selected transactions”. Ah, there is lots of fine print there!

Then there is Craigslist. You can post your game locally then have to deal with the crazy people that call you and NEVER show up! Or they want to trade a non working moped or something for your game. Plus the ever so classic “Certified Bank Check” Overpayment scam where they will send you a “Bank Certified Check for thousands of dollars over the price of your listed game. They want you to reimburse them with the rest of the money out of your own account!

Then there is WeBuyPinball.com where your target audience is waiting for you to submit a game right now. Plus, there is NO COST in selling a game through We Buy Pinball,Unlike ebay. You may ask who is We Buy PInball? We are a large group of home arcade game collectors from every state in the United States! The members are sent pictures of your game and the general location of the game. They are NOT provided with your personal contact information at this time. If that member is interested in your game they contact We Buy Pinball and your contact information (Name, Phone number and email) is given to them. Our member will then contact you directly to discuss viewing your game, pricing and other things. Members of We Buy Pinball pay in CASH ONLY! This eliminates fraud! Bonus: The buyer do all of the heavy lifting and move the game out of your home for you!