Educational articles related to pinball machines and coin-operated arcade games

Theater Of Magic Pinball Machine (Playfield view).

Theater Of Magic Pinball Machine (Playfield view) that sold on It needs a little work. Notice the right flipper is still up a bit.

I’ll be posting informative articles (and links to articles) that I’ve written about pinball, video arcade games and coin-operated games on this page.

What is the best way to sell a pinball machine, video arcade game or Coin-operated arcade game?

What is the Value of my pinball machine in the condition that it’s currently in?

Common “over payment” Scams/Fraud that you should be aware of when selling Coin-Operated games! Remember CASH ONLY!

Gottlieb System 80 MPU replacement wars! Pascal vs. RottenDog vs. Ni-Wumpf! Three way battle, but who wins?