Bally Viking pinball machine for sale in Springfield, IL

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How are we different from Pinside? We Buy Pinball’s website targets “non collectors” of arcade games. I’ve always seen Pinside or KLOV as arcade game collector inbreeding. I wanted to find non collectors and buy those games! That is why I started over 14 years ago.

My website has received thousands of games submitted to it from its inception. Most I was unable to buy. In fact I can only afford under 1% of the games back then. That number has actually gone down because the amount of games submitted daily has gone way up over time! I decided to bring in other collectors. I am now well under 1%, so that leaves hundreds of games for other collectors willing to pay to just see the inventory.

Maintenance on this website, SEO and keeping it updated is what I’m charging for. I’m currently thousands of dollars in the red.

Please read my testimonials page about games that have sold thanks to my leads. I hope to see your name up there soon!

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