About We Buy Pinball. Questions and Answers about our free services.

Full size "Zoltar" fortune teller machine.

Full size “Zoltar” fortune teller machine.

Q: Do you sell arcade games?
A: NO!!! We do NOT sell arcade games. There is a HUGE selection of games for sale to our members owned by non-members (non-collectors).

Q: How much does it cost to submit a game?
A: This service is 100% free for the the person selling the game! We DO NOT SPAM or sell your contact information to ANY third parties.

Q: How much does it cost a collector to Join WeBuyPinball?
A: Currently a true coin-op collectors has to pay $20 per year to join for total access of games submitted.

Q: How long has this website been around?
A: WeBuyPinball.com was established back in 2004. We have been matching unwanted games with collectors for almost 10 years! Want to see what our website looked like back on August 24 2004? Visit the wayback machine.

Q: Can you guarantee that my arcade game will sell once it’s been submitted?
A: NO! If my members are not interested in your game due to condition and/or price, I can NOT force them to buy it. You’ll find that with collectors of just about anything. . . condition matters greatly! I recommend that you read “What is the value of my pinball machine?” on North Carolina Amusements.

Q: Why do you offer this service for free?
A: We think Ebay’s model is wrong. Making people pay to potentially NOT sell a game. Plus: We collect games as a hobby, NOT as a job. We want to be contacted! We don’t have to be the first, but we usually pay the most for your games!

Q: Do you only buy pinball machines?
A: We buy just about anything coin-operated! Lots of our collectors love video arcade games, skee ball machines, pitch and bat, big ball bowlers, pool tables, neon signs and much more!

Map of members

Map of our members of WeBuyPinbal.com by state. We are home game room collectors, so we pay top dollar.

Q: Is We Buy Pinball dot com the best place to sell me coin-operated arcade game?
A: There are lots of places on the internet to sell your coin-operated arcade game! From sites like Craigslist and eBay to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Read more why WeBuyPinball.com is your target audience!

Q: Who owns WeBuyPinball.com?
A: The owner’s name is Aaron Van Noy. He has been collecting arcade games since he was in his early 20s! He’s almost 40, and hasn’t slowed down a bit!

Q: Are any of your members sellers of arcade games?
A: It is our policy to weed out “resellers” from our members. They from time to time find there way into our group, but don’t stay long. We do this for the love of games and preserving them for generations to come. We realize we have an addictions and enjoy playing and collecting these games.