1982 Burgertime Video Arcade Game for sale in Sacramento, CA


From: Alison Zaw(EDIT) azaw(EDIT)@hotmail.com Ph# 916233(EDIT)

1982 Burgertime Upright Video Arcade Game – by Bally Midway

FOR SALE: Highly sought after, pre-used, Burgertime upright video arcade game in an original 1982 Cabinet! The condition of this game makes it a desirable “Grail” game to many collectors.

CONDITION: Needs new T molding (existing is there but cracked), a new CPO (existing is cracking and coming off on the front edge only), new “Pepper buttons” (Logos gone on P2 & 50% on the P1) and some light cleaning on the side art would make this game shine and look new. The monitor Bezel and marquis are in fantastic shape with zero delamination and minimal scratching. Both appear to be original and are bright and clean. The coin door needs new Insert lamps but coin mechs are 100% complete and the door has never been pried open. Riveted Midway plate is in great shape. Holes are drilled on the front of the cab for a security bar but it appears that one was never installed. Left side art is in near perfect shape and the right side has a few paint dings in the hat and 2 small chips in the wood (one at the ground edge and the other along the rear middle edge). Game is stuck in test mode. Working 19-inch WG K4906 monitor has good color (viewed from test mode). It does not appear to have been recapped but has bright and clear color out to all edges. The original power supply has been replaced with a new Powermaster switching PS but the PCB and Power Chassis assembly are original.GRADE: Estimated grade of cab is around a B as it sits but can be turned into a B+/A- with under $90 in parts and some time.Selling as-is for $695.00. Cash only. You will need to be able to transport yourself and must be able to pick up from my storage unit in Sacramento on Garden Hwy @ Northgate. This item is being sold as-is and there are no returns or guarantees.


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